Idea Source: the best of marketing & PR on the web for the week of June 22, 2009

Social Media and the Banking Industry

Social Media Today, whitepaper

6-26-2009-6-17-31-pmWhile this report is primarily targeted towards the banking industry as it’s title suggests, it does present some interesting community customer service forum ROI data gathered by Joe Cothrel and Bill Johnston.  Here are 3 of my sample insights from the report:

  • Community users remain customers 50% longer than non-community users. (AT&T, 2002)
  • Community users spend 54% more than non-community users. (EBay, 2006)
  • In customer support, live interaction costs 87% more per transaction on average than forums and other Web self-service options. (ASP, 2002)

What Happens When Your Local Paper Goes Online-Only?  It Loses Most of Its Staff.

All Things Digital, Peter Kafka, June 24, 2009

6-26-2009-6-16-49-pmInteresting review of and a potential new model for journalism staffing. is worth exploring as a micro-geographic content aggregator as well.  Type in your zipcode and see who’s reporting in your neighborhood.

How Facebook is Gunning for Google (And Killing SEO)

Copyblogger, Mike Wasylik, June 22, 2009

6-26-2009-6-16-33-pmThere were a number of articles recently about Facebook’s empire building (aka the Great Wall of Facebook).  This post was the quickest read.  Food for thought – links posted on Facebook don’t add to your site’s SEO.  “Facebook wants to be the Google killer… don’t let it kill your site, too! Start planning today to get Facebook users to your site and keep them coming back for more.”

Beyond the Big Three:   The Benefits of Branching Out From Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Advertising Age, Adrienne Waldo, June 25, 2009

6-26-2009-6-15-32-pmThis a great follow-up to my niche social networking community find last week (  This week’s post explores the benefits of hosting your own small, topic-specific social media site.

Why Healthcare Marketing Must Go Social

Eric Weaver, presented to Puget Sound AMA luncheon, June 24, 2009

While the presentation is ostensibly aimed towards healthcare, it is packed with insights about how social media is the tool for all brands should use to build trust, social media ROI strategies and much, much more.  The best part about Eric’s slide decks are that you don’t have to have been there to get a ton out of reading them.  Thanks, Eric, for posting your deck after your talk so those of us that weren’t able to be there could still benefit.

Twitter Drives a Lot of Traffic to Media Sites, but Doesn’t Bring a Lot of Customers to Online Retailers

ReadWriteWeb, Frederic Lardinois, June 24, 2009

6-26-2009-6-14-53-pmThis post about downstream traffic from Google, Twitter and Facebook gives the consumer behavior insight that no marketer should miss.  No surprise, most downstream traffic is entertainment based – which supports what many avid social media users know – that Twitter and Facebook time often replace time spent watching TV (or happen while watching TV).

A couple of Twitter search sites worthy of note:

BackTweets See all conversations pertaining to a specific site.

Twazzup Search that includes most popular links by keyword and who is tweeting the most about the subject at the time of the search.