Idea Source: the best of marketing & pr on the web for week of June 15, 2009

Squarespace: web design platform for people who don’t do html.

6-19-2009-1-16-07-pm1It looks like a great place for the small business owner who needs a simple website but doesn’t want to have to pay a fortune to get it designed.  Presumably you could even design your own without paying for anything more than the hosting cost.  And at $8/month for the starting package, it’s a real deal!  The developers over at MicrosoftOfficeLive have got to be squirming with jealousy.

9 Ways to Build Your Own Social Networking Site

Traffikd, June 17th, 2009

6-19-2009-1-17-39-pmHave you thought about building a niche social networking site?  You may have heard that is a tool to do just that.  But did you know you had 8 other choices?  This post gives a great run-down of 9 site builder platforms.  Definetely a tag for later reference site.

How-To: Mine Delicious Bookmarks for Consumer Insights

Interactive Insights Group, June 10th, 2009 by Carla Sarett

6-20-2009-12-00-48-pmSure you’ve used social bookmarking to share your favorite sites.  Mine even post directly to FriendFeed.  But have you thought about using Delicious to explore how consumers view your product niche?   This innovative idea gives a step-by-step explanation of just how to do it.  Note to the geek crowd:  when she talks about setting N=5000, she did it by hand.  I contacted her and there are no built in advanced search features to do this.

135 Ways to Tweet:  What to Tweet, How to Tweet,  JohnKremer

At a loss of what to tweet about?  This post shows you 135 ways to effectively use Twitter.  Great for brainstorming your Twitter message strategy and business plan.

How to Tweet a Stumble Via Your StumbleUpon ToolBar, Peggy Dolane, June 15, 2009

6-20-2009-12-03-47-pmAre you an avid social bookmarking and twitter fan?  I am too.  I discovered this great way to tweet directly from StumbleUpon and was asked to submit it for a guest post to SheGeeks.   Proud to say I’m now officially a geeky writer!

How to Change Your Domain While Keeping Your Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine Journal, June 15th, 2009 by Sherice Jacob

6-19-2009-1-38-10-pmHard to believe it, but not every developer knows how to do these simple steps.  For the project managers out there, you don’t need to understand how to do the programming, but you do need to make sure your developer follows these steps when changing your domain.