Idea sources: week 06/01/09

How one teacher uses Twitter in the classroom

ReadWriteWeb, Marshall Kirkpatrick, June 1, 2009
Innovative idea for unexpected use of Twitter. Elicit class participating through clever use of hashtag conversations. Video demonstration included. Clearly the world it is a changing.

Why Marketing Must Go Social (UPDATED)

How to use Facebook for Business

Great primer providing FaceBook primer for people new to Facebook. If you only have time to read one page, don’t miss page 16 which detailed the difference between a Facebook page and a group.

Ultimate Guide to Delicious Social Bookmarking

Interactive Insights Group, Robin Broitman, June 2nd, 2009
Everything you’d ever want to know about how to use Delicious for social bookmarking. A plethora of links is a great way to get started on Delicious, or take yourself to power user status.