5 Effective Writing Styles Used by Today’s Professionals

Writing is evolving. Whether (or not) you use “whom” is now a moot point. Are you keeping up with the pace of change?

There are 5 types of writing being used by professionals today to effectively communicate.

  • Formal business
  • Casual business
  • Internet business
  • Blog
  • Internet casual

Which ones do you already use, and which fall outside your comfort zone?

Here is a sample to illustrate the strengths and weakenesses of each type.

Formal Business

“Given your writing abilities and the fact that my bill to date for the event has been larger than a beta test warrants, I have only given it minimal attention. I have not billed you for this work.”

Proper grammar. Corporate. Clear.  Exact. Appropriate for writing of any nature when a contract is involved. Aloof. Frequently written collaboratively and often ponderously edited. (I can tell I write and edited this sentence alone.)

Casual Business:

“Given you already write well, and that this project’s billings have been larger than I’d like for a beta event, I have only been giving it minimal attention. I  haven’t been billing you for the work.”

Moderate use of ad-speak. Conversational. Casual grammar. Breathless. Acceptable. Best used in email.

Internet Business

“First off, you don’t need me. Plus, event costs have been larger than I’d like for this test. Thus, I’ve given it minimal attention. — No charge.”

Immediate. Often compelling. Bends the rules in favor of impact. Lowest level of vocabulary that is accurate and straightforward. Friendly.


“First off, you don’t need me. Plus, event costs have been larger than I’d like for a beta test. Thus, I’ve given it hardly any attention. — No charge.”

Follows rules of casual business grammar. Short paragraphs. Short sentences. Higher level vocabulary may be appropriate for some audiences. Inviting.  Frequently written with html embedded.

Internet Casual (the language of 140)

“You don’t need me + costs>beta ROI. So, I’ve given it minimal attention — NO CHARGE.”

Direct. Unconcerned with grammar.  Texting abbreviations only used to keep within 140. Punctuation/capitalization/pacing accentuates key points. Be ready to consult the urban dictionary for vocab.

What style to you lean towards? Which do you prefer? Leave a comment here or in any of the other places we connect.