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Proud to be a social media geek!

Or why I embrace the title “geek.” Complete with geeky footnotes.

I’m a day late in celebrating Geek Pride Day[1] but the reason I even know about it is that I am one. A proud, card carrying (well not really but it sounds fun) geek.

Sometime last year I started calling myself a geek, but quietly, just amongst friends. After reading Geekwire’s Geek Pride Day post this morning, I’ve decided to come out of the closet and wave my professional geek flag for all to see. Turns out I’m not alone. 1 in 5 Americans consider themselves geeks.[2]

I don’t want to identify as just any geek. Nope, I’m a SOCIAL MEDIA GEEK. Yep, it’s in all caps; after all it’s my job title. Not social media guru or expert or Sherpa, goddess, diva, rock star or any of the other creative titles social media professionals (and amateurs) title themselves.

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Facebook’s Data Gold Mine

You know how some nights you can rationalize all those extra clicks that take you down the internet rabbit hole You are sure you are discovering insights that will serve you well That’s usually my excuse But tonight I really did uncover a marketer’s dream — free data Just consider these gems There are only Facebook users who live within miles of Fort Lewis WA Nobody likes AD HD That’s the fancy term that the professional community is using these days

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How to welcome new Facebook fans with a custom landing page

So you’ve set up a Facebook Page for your business did you know you can give it added oomph with a new visitor landing page It’s an extra step but well worth taking the time to do it now that Facebook has surpassed Google to become the leading U S website Here’s what you need to know to customize your new Facebook visitor landing page in four basic steps What is a Facebook landing page Your landing page is a special tab on your Facebook site It is the first one seen by new

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9 Steps for Real Facebook Privacy

Facebook is trying to make everyone feel safe and secure with their new privacy stance But no matter how they whitewash it they are pushing their users towards less and less privacy Chipping away at it around the edges and making it very difficult to truly secure your account I’m all about being open on the web I’m on Twitter after all But I use Facebook for a completely different purpose And some of us have legitimate safety reasons for not wanting their Facebook posts or

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