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Digital Style Guide #DWSG13

A while ago I tweeted to copacino that writing on a tablet produces different results than keyboarding Yes I risked rejection tweeting something obscure out of the blue to demonstrate a point digital writing is new and different from sm conversations and long-form writing We need writing teachers for the digital But for the most part writing is being taught by people who learned to write by hand or on a typewriter Certainly not by tablet Tablet reading is very

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10 Qualities Required to Produce Successful Business Writing

You probably have lots of good writers in your organization. But do the members of your writing team have what it takes to produce content that inspires your audience to take action?

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How to write like a 5th grader: 8 Effective writing techniques for every writer’s tool kit

How much time do you study what makes some copy pop and other copy fizzle? My 5th grader often demonstrates stronger writing principles than many professionals employ. Her recent book report illustrates 8 effective writing techniques for every writer’s tool kit.

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How to develop a mobile app that will get used again and again

Which mobile apps work and which ones miss the mark? Presentation notes from PSAMA.

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Proud to be a social media geek!

Or why I embrace the title “geek.” Complete with geeky footnotes.

I’m a day late in celebrating Geek Pride Day[1] but the reason I even know about it is that I am one. A proud, card carrying (well not really but it sounds fun) geek.

Sometime last year I started calling myself a geek, but quietly, just amongst friends. After reading Geekwire’s Geek Pride Day post this morning, I’ve decided to come out of the closet and wave my professional geek flag for all to see. Turns out I’m not alone. 1 in 5 Americans consider themselves geeks.[2]

I don’t want to identify as just any geek. Nope, I’m a SOCIAL MEDIA GEEK. Yep, it’s in all caps; after all it’s my job title. Not social media guru or expert or Sherpa, goddess, diva, rock star or any of the other creative titles social media professionals (and amateurs) title themselves.

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