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Proud to be a social media geek!

Or why I embrace the title “geek.” Complete with geeky footnotes.

I’m a day late in celebrating Geek Pride Day[1] but the reason I even know about it is that I am one. A proud, card carrying (well not really but it sounds fun) geek.

Sometime last year I started calling myself a geek, but quietly, just amongst friends. After reading Geekwire’s Geek Pride Day post this morning, I’ve decided to come out of the closet and wave my professional geek flag for all to see. Turns out I’m not alone. 1 in 5 Americans consider themselves geeks.[2]

I don’t want to identify as just any geek. Nope, I’m a SOCIAL MEDIA GEEK. Yep, it’s in all caps; after all it’s my job title. Not social media guru or expert or Sherpa, goddess, diva, rock star or any of the other creative titles social media professionals (and amateurs) title themselves.

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How to customize your background for the New Twitter

Twitter has just about finished rolling out the “new Twitter” to all users and people are starting to notice that their custom profile backgrounds need refreshing. If you are looking to refresh your background, here are two links that save you time figuring out how to do it well.

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Twitter isn’t for everyone

Before jumping into Twitter you need to take a step back and answer 5 questions.

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Innovative social media marketing tactics proven to generate buzz

Do you have time to read an page interview that reveals cutting edge social media marketing tactics No I didn’t think so I read it however and have summarized three of the best points for you below The interview was with whitepaper writer Michael Stelzner Last spring Stelzner used innovative social media tactics to market his social media webinar The Social Media Success Summit Why I paid attention — he had the best webinar landing page I’d ever seen Stelzner stood

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Social Media Webinar 5/28

I’ve posted the news on Twitter LinkedIn StumbleUpon and Facebook but have neglected to write a post in my own blog about my upcoming social media webinar with Kelby Carr of www typeamom net I’ve even posted a blog article about it over at the ning that we set up for people to join who will be attending So here are the details WAH Marketing Bootcamp Thursday May p m p m Eastern Time a m a m Pacific Time One low cost Register

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