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5 Effective Writing Styles Used by Today’s Professionals

Writing is evolving. Whether (or not) you use “whom” is now a moot point. Are you keeping up with the pace of change?
There are 5 types of writing being used by professionals today to effectively communicate.

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Empire Avenue: Farmville meets Wall Street

Seems like every week there’s a new social platform that people are diving into — clothes and all. The current hot property is Empire Avenue.

EAv, as the aficionados like to call it, is a social game where you buy shares in people and “earn” dividends based on their social activities on the web (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogging, and EAv.) The more you are “worth” on line, the more money you earn.

I’ve come across a couple of conversations on the site about whether or not businesses should take the plunge and so far the jury appears to be out. But then, as mega EAv player, Chris Pirillo e(Pirillo) tweeted earlier today, “They didn’t see business ROI in Twitter, YouTube at first, either.”

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Boost Your LinkedIn Profile with Skills SEO

Did you know it’s now super-easy to optimize for your skill set keywords? Here’s an easy (and short, 1:29) video that shows you how.

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Measuring Twitter ROI

I’m putting the final touches on the slides for workshop teaching some PR pros about how add social media into the PR mix One of the questions I’ve been asked to address is How do you measure Twitter ROI Now for those of us heavily immersed in the tweeting world the answer seems pretty obvious Wasn’t there an article in Bloomberg com just last week reporting that Dell attributes million in sales to Twitter I suggest the following measures of ROI Number of RTs DMs and s

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