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Backstory and FAQs–

Sure you can vet me at LinkedIn.  But I’m betting your here because you want to know what I bring to the table in ideas, know how and savvy.  If you have a minute, pull up a chair, relax and let me tell you a little about myself.

What does Provient Mean?

Pro-vi-ent (prō’ vē ənt), adj.
1. Creative, inspired and effective: The Provient headline stopped the web surfer in her tracks.
2. Grounded in sound mar-keting principals using up-to-the minute tools: I really need some Provient marketing to inspire my donors to take action.
[Etymology <Fr. Provenir to come forth, originate < L provenire, pro: forth + ve-nire: come]
First known use 2007.

A lot of people know me for my social media work. But what they don’t often realize is the importance of strong writing at the core of effective social media. I am your source for strategic digital communication.

Content needs be adaptive to the platform and the audience. I like to think I’m an expert at the ability to nimbly shift perspective, grammar, and tone.

In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell proposed the 10,000 Hour Rule — competency and success are honed in 10,000 hours of practice.  If that’s the case I’ve surely surpassed that hourly goal.  What have 14,000+ Tweets, 4 years of consecutive weekly blog posts, whitepapers, case statements, counteless status updates, 15 years of marketing experience, and hours of surfing (er, exploring) and experimenting taught me?

  • Failure is part of digital marketing success.
  • The next “big” thing may not be your thing.
  • What was an effective campaign last quarter, may not work in the next.
  • Start small and build relationships instead of followers.
  • Figure out who and where audience is before you start talking to them.
  • Maximize the exposure and value you get for the content with strategic repackaging.
  • Content may be king, but ideas are what get you noticed.
  • Sure 20 somethings grew up with computers, but 80 year olds write blogs and are on Facebook too. Age does not make an expert.  Experience does.
  • Social media isn’t a one-person job; it’s a group effort.
  • And yes, Peter Shankman, social media is just another facet of your marketing and customer service functions.

What is my educational background?

  • I received a Masters in Social Work from University of Washington with a focus towards management and organization.
  • I graduated with the Leadership Tomorrow, Class of 1993.
  • I received my B.A. in liberal arts (sociology/anthropology major) from Oberlin College, Ohio

What is an APR?

I have maintain Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) since 1991.  APR is as awarded by the Public Relations Society of America to professionals who have demonstrated competency in the knowledge, skills and abilities required to practice public relations in today’s business arena.

What do you mean you’re a visual artist playing in a digital world?

I’m an avid photographer, quilter and creative writer.  If you like the photos of mine on this site, you can see more in my Flickr or Instagram photostreams.

My Tumblr blog is a collection of visual imagry that inspires my art.

Who is FreeRangeMom?

A trusted social media presence! Everybody should have an alter-ego.  FreeRangeMom is a personal brand I created back in the days I was knee-deep in diapers and formula and the only way I got out of the house was through the Internet!  Search FreeRangeMom and you’ll find me exploring sites and marketing tools all over the web. I’m not as visible as FreeRangeMom these days, preferring to use my own name on major social sites. But you’ll still finding me using the name here and there around the web.

Where else can you find out more about me?

Hope I left you wanting to know more. Check out for more places I’m active.  I hope you’ll quickly see why I am a cut above the average social media marketer.