Social Media is Way Bigger Than Twitter

Are you using all the tools at your disposal to reach your customers?

You can upload PowerPoint slides to SlideShare or Google Docs, and share them on social networks like LinkedIn.  A YouTube channel is a powerful way to engage customers, run contests and share information in an engaging media format.  You can reach out to potential customers who are checking in next door on FourSquare and invite them into your location with enticing specials.  And, of course, there will always be something new on the horizon.  I’m busy trying them all — so you don’t have to.

If getting involved in social media seems daunting.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all. I can help you assess your internet presence. I’ll help you figure out which tactics make sense for you, your style and your business. And I’ll show you how to move beyond a simple website, to using the internet as a powerful lead-generating tool.

Here are a few ways I can help you get started

  • Can’t imagine how you have the time to maintain a Web site and a Facebook account and a Twitter presence and a LinkedIn profile?  I can help you assess which social media is right for you and craft a communications strategy to maximize the results for the time you spend.
  • Think you could get more out of your LinkedIn profile, but not sure where to begin?  I can help you turn this from a ho-hum rolodex, into a dynamic networking tool.  Contact me today for a free checklist of how to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile.
  • Heard about social bookmarking yet?  Email me for a free Social Bookmarking Cheat sheet and I’ll show you how to start using social bookmarking sites like  StumbleUpon or to bring more visibility to you blog posts.

Websites that get attention

Most organizations have Web pages.  But many websites aren’t effective.  Poor navigation flow, copy that lacks strategy, and missing SEO (search engine optimization) can make your website lack luster.  You also may be making the mistake in thinking that traffic equals sales.  A SEO analyst or user experience expert can cost thousands.  However, there are simple, affordable steps you can take, without breaking the bank, that will give your website lift by creating rich, useful, engaging content and building basic SEO underpinnings.  Interested? Click:  Please help my website get the attention it deserves!